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The Best Facebook Groups for Budapest Expats

October 27, 2017
Budapest Facebook Groups

Moving abroad to Budapest, Hungary… I still can’t believe we are going to do this!  It’s scary, exciting, stressful, wonderful – it pretty much covers the gamut of my emotions.  Thanks to Facebook Groups for Budapest, we feel like we are well prepared to move to this foreign land – at least as well as we could be – and much of that is thanks to a LOT of research all done on Facebook.

How and where did we get our information?

The “Digital Age” we currently live in makes finding information about our new city life in Budapest only a click away. I’ve said over and over that I think this move is much easier in 2017 then it would have been even ten years earlier (when I first considered moving to Budapest).   Google searches and Facebook social networking allow me to get even the most specific of questions quickly answered.  I have figured out transportation, real estate services, professional associations, health services, legal services, beauty services, banking, entertainment and more.

I already have appointments booked with nearly all of these – weeks in advance of my arrival. I’m hopeful this will help us reduce our stress and help us integrate into our new lives a little easier then trying to figure it all out “boots on the ground”.  And since it will be the end of November, we will definitely need our boots!

Facebook Info about moving abroad

Info about moving abroad is only a click away!

The following Facebook Pages and Groups are my favourite resources for those planning to move abroad to Budapest or those that are already living there.

Facebook Groups for Budapest

Not only have I gathered a wealth of information from Facebook, but I have made new friends and business associates. The vast majority of Budapest Facebook Groups and Pages are filled with happy and friendly people who respond quickly to my questions and help me with any confusion. I have recommendations to excellent restaurants, events, apartments, professional services, dog sitting, grocery stores, wine bars and anything else I wanted.

Iced Christmas Fruitcake

Iced Christmas Fruitcake

Another great discovery is the The British Pantry.  Found through Facebook groups for Budapest, this awesome online grocer delivers your favourite British goods right to your door in Budapest.  This means my husband will have his Christmas favourite fruitcake while celebrating the holiday for our first time in Budapest. It will also keep us stocked in baked beans, sausages and biscuits as long we are there.

A huge thanks to David at The British Pantry for his quick replies to my emails and great customer service!

Why did we choose to move to Budapest? Read this post to learn more.

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